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Even though we have brushed our teeth, dental plaque is a white, smeary, transparent structure that comes to our hands when we rub our nails on our teeth at any time of the day.

It is a formation that needs to be removed from the mouth by brushing teeth.

How Is Plaque Made?

Dental plaque is formed as a result of the cooperation of bacteria and sticky, sugary, floury and carbohydrate foods that we take from outside nutrition on the biofilm layer that naturally exists on the tooth and takes its source from saliva. As long as this formation remains on the tooth, it is the main cause of tooth decay due to its reaction with sugar taken from outside. Dental hygiene and health are very important, we cannot remove sugar from our lives, but regular tooth brushing is a must to remove plaque and prevent plaque formation.

How Should Plaque Cleaning Be Done?

Dental plaque is a structure that can be removed from the mouth with a tooth brush under normal conditions, but the attention should be paid to brushing is absolutely correct. Because there is a free gingival pocket groove in the neck area right at the bottom of our teeth. This gingival pocket groove is a movable structure. If the brush is not brought from the gum to the tooth, but if we descend from the tooth to the gum in a way, the plaque here is pushed into this free gingival pocket. Brushing must be from gum to tooth. The toothbrush should definitely not separate the gum from the tooth, when we come from the gum towards the tooth, it is removed from the oral environment with a simple patting motion to be made there, as is all plaque in this groove.

However, in addition to cleaning plaque and brushing, mouthwashes, dental floss, interface brushes also prevent plaque accumulation around the teeth.

In Which Condition Are Plaques Treated In The Clinic?

If individuals who have accumulated plaque in their teeth neglect to brush their teeth and do not keep their oral hygiene well, microorganisms and food residues accumulate and turn into a hard structure over time. In this case, dental stones will begin to form around the person’s gums and serious gum problems will develop. In such cases, the person should see a dentist. By applying the necessary treatment, the dentist will ensure that the dental and gum health of the patient becomes old.