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One of the other technological advances is digital dental science. Since 1980, it has become possible to complete a dental restoration within 1-2 hours. Thanks to a special device placed in the mouth, it is possible to produce the most suitable prosthesis with a sufficient tooth size.

What are Cerec Cad / Cam Systems?

Cerec Cad Cam Systems, which are computer-aided design systems, are a practical application specifically for dentistry that works with 3D computer support. With this system, monitoring images from intraoral cameras are processed with a suitable computer software and aesthetic restorations are obtained from porcelain blocks by sending to the machine.

What is the Cerec Digital System Implementation Time?

Cad cam systems are extremely advantageous in terms of shortening treatment times. A single session can be performed through the clinic and the procedure can be terminated within 2-3 hours. This situation is extremely advantageous for dentists and patients. It provides avoidance of unnecessary time loss. Moving away from conventional measurement methods is extremely effective in shortening this process. Also, thanks to the digital measurement, problems such as uncomfortable nausea are not experienced.

Is Cerec Digital System a Suitable Method for Dental Aesthetics?

Digital dentistry, where promotional designs of a special camera system in the computer environment are realized, is a serious advantage in terms of aesthetics. The reason for this is that design can happen. In other words, the size of the teeth in the mouth is transferred, then the application and evaluation face and the design of the jaw shape are finalized. In these risky applications, errors are extremely low. With the Cerec system, metal results appear in full porcelain restorations.

Is Cerec Method Expensive?

According to standard procedures, Cerec method prices are not very expensive applications. Slightly more expensive than traditional restoration; It is normal to consider the zero margin of error, success, technical difference.

Do Cerec Coatings Smell?

In the form of production where mistakes are prevented on the human order, it is first taken in our digital fields. Then, the design is made and the prostheses are completed with a special manufacturer device. Thus, prostheses that are in harmony with teeth and do not contain metal do not smell.

Is Traditional Measurement Method Used?

Traditional impression methods are not used in digital dentistry. Oral micro-cameras are taken blank and the traditional method prevents problems such as nausea experienced by sample patients.