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Headgear: It is frequently used in orthodontic treatment. Headgear appliance consists of three parts.

Facebow: It is part of the head-gear apparatus.

Face-bow has an intraoral arm attached to the tube of the upper first molar, and an extra-oral arm attached to the force element of the head-gear.

A piece of tape that is supported from the head or neck

Force element combining the band part and the facebow part

Headgear appliance,

In cases where the upper jaw is advanced, in order to brake the development of the upper jaw,

In order to push the posterior teeth backwards to make room for crowded or protruding front teeth,

When the movement of the posterior teeth is not desired, it is used to neutralize or neutralize the forces applied to these teeth.

Your headgear may initially look a little different and strange to you and those around you. However, it is necessary for your orthodontic treatment and is frequently used in orthodontics.

Conditions to be careful when using the headgear:

Wear your headgear at least for the hour determined by your orthodontist. Remember, it will benefit if you wear it in this determined process.

First remove the headband or headgear, then remove the facebow. Otherwise, your cheek, lip or face may be injured.

Remove your headgear while playing hard games or sports.

Bring your headger with you at every appointment.

Prevent others from hitting your headgear. Sometimes siblings or friends may not be aware of the seriousness of this treatment.

There may be pain in your teeth 3-5 hours after wearing the headgear. Do not stop wearing your headgear because of the pain in your teeth. Because this sensitivity and when it is worn regularly, the pain will pass.