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We can call the loss of milk teeth earlier than the expected time to change, as a result of a blow taken, as trauma. In such cases, where the accident happened (park, house, etc.), the broken part of the tooth or the dislodgement of the whole tooth, and how long the family came to the dentist are very important.

How is a Tooth Fracture stored?

In order to prevent the broken or dislocated tooth from losing its vitality, milk can be kept in the saliva of the child or in the mother’s saliva until it goes to the dentist.

How long should a dentist be visited?

It is very important to go to the dentist within 30 minutes – 1 hour after the fall. During this period, the teeth that have been displaced are re-adjusted to their places in the mouth and the tooth will have a high chance of getting rid of it.

What are post-traumatic treatments?

Long-term follow-up is always very important in broken teeth. Color changes, swelling, pain in the teeth are problems that may occur in the future. That’s why 6-month routine checks are of great importance.

How should splint be applied?

Depending on the shape of the fracture in the tooth after falling, the teeth are fixed with the help of braces for 2-4 weeks, such as gluing the broken part or splint treatment if the tooth is completely dislodged, such as removing a broken limb in a plaster.