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Teeth start to erupt within 6 months after birth. 20 teeth, including 10 teeth in the upper jaw and lower jaw, take their places in the mouth until the end of the 30th month.

When is which tooth comes out?

Delay or early eruption in tooth eruption is a common situation. It is appropriate to remove the extra teeth that come within 1-2 months in order not to harm the mother and baby. If the teeth do not come within 1 year, it is beneficial to apply to the dentist.

What should be done when there is no tooth?

With the effect of growth and development, teeth may come out later or earlier. If there is a serious delay in the eruption of the teeth, you should immediately contact your pediatrician and have the necessary checks and examinations done.

When Should the First Dental Examination Be?

The first dental examination should be done between six months and one year old.

How often should I bring my child for dental check?

Depending on the caries risk level of your child, you should visit your dentist every 3 or 6 months and have examinations and necessary controls.

Oral and Dental Care in Children

Children are not aware of the importance of oral and dental health. Child dental care is a particularly sensitive issue. The biggest task in this regard falls to families and pediatric dentists (pedodontists). The things to be done in this regard are gathered under the body of preventive dentistry.