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Root canal treatment in children is a very sensitive issue. Milk teeth, contrary to what is known, are rooted teeth like permanent teeth, but when the tooth coming from below melts the roots of the milk teeth, the milk teeth fall off spontaneously when the time comes. It is very important for us that milk teeth remain in the mouth during this process.

Since milk teeth are independent teeth from the underlying permanent teeth, their treatment can be made independent of the permanent tooth underneath. In cases where tooth decay progresses, night pain, sensitivity in heat, feeling high while eating, swelling, milk teeth may need root canal treatment. If the tooth is lost early, it may have to be corrected with more difficult and costly orthodontic treatment in the future.

Root Canal Treatment in Open Teeth

While the closure of the root tip can be achieved as a result of 1-3-6 months of controls and dressings in a period of 1-2 years, successful results are obtained in a 3-week period and 6-month controls are continued thanks to regenerative endodontics in non-living teeth.

Canal Treatment in Permanent Teeth

Canal treatment in permanent teeth varies depending on whether the root tip of the tooth is closed or not, that is, according to the age of the patient. After the teeth appear in the mouth, it takes about 3 years for the roots to form. While the root ends follow a path similar to adult patients in teeth that have completed their development, the treatment process is more different in teeth with open root tips. In the first place, it will be necessary to close the root end of the teeth and then finish the canal treatment of the tooth.

How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take?

Root canal treatment in children is done in a much shorter time and is as simple as it is thought. It is not as long and difficult as in adults.

Why is Root Canal Treatment Performed on Milk Teeth?

Milk teeth are a guide to permanent teeth. That’s why its maintenance is very important. As long as it does not cause any damage to the permanent tooth coming from below, the milk tooth must be kept in the mouth. In order to extend this period, if necessary, root canal treatment should be performed on the milk tooth.

Children must brush their teeth at least 2 times. Coloring may be reduced as a result of regular brushing. In this way, you can get rid of stains that do not decrease and cause discomfort with a harder brushing tool used by the dentist.