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Depending on the condition of the teeth, prostheses made for special occasions may be needed, the first of which is partial removable prostheses and the other is precision attachment prostheses.

Partial Removable Dentures

Partial Removable Prostheses are applied in cases where the abutment load cannot bear the future load, in cases involving large tooth deficiency or in missing tooth areas that do not end with a tooth. For tooth support, the part of the tooth under the curved area close to the gum is provided with the ends called crochet. The tissue support provides the tissue surface where the prosthesis sits. Thus, the force is distributed to the tooth and tissue.

Precision Attachment Dentures

Clasps in removable partial dentures can cause aesthetic discomfort, especially in the front teeth. In addition, the force to be applied with crochet to teeth with insufficient gum health may cause tooth loss. In these cases, the force to come to a single tooth can be distributed by connecting the crowns with the teeth. Precision attachment dentures Metal clasps can cause damage and wear on the healthy teeth they surround. Precision attachment prostheses are a type of combined prosthesis in which toothless cavities are supported with a removable prosthesis, and the shape, color and position disorders in the mouth are corrected in fixed prostheses. Teeth to be used as abutments are prepared. While the fixed crowns are being made, ready-made materials called precision holders are placed in the parts close to the toothless area. Thus, instead of the non-aesthetic crochet on the crown, a holding system that does not spoil the aesthetics in the mouth is provided.