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Gingivectomy: When some people laugh, their gums are very visible, in such cases, the gingiva can be measured and its level can be pulled up without damaging the health of the gum. Thus, the teeth of the person will appear longer and will have a more beautiful smile. The fact that the peaks of the gums are not at the same level in each tooth also creates an aesthetic problem. Excess tissue is removed by gingivectomy to provide symmetry and create the same level of gums. Gingivoplasty: For a healthy and aesthetic gingival appearance, the gingiva must be thinned on the tooth. In cases where the form of the gum is distorted, gingivoplasty correction is provided in the treatment of gum discoloration.

Crown Length Extension: In some cases, the visible parts on the gums remain very short due to the erosion of the teeth. Crown or veneers are recommended for this type of teeth. However, the crown lengths are very short and they may not provide sufficient support for the prosthesis to be made. Crown Lengthening is a procedure used to lengthen the length of these teeth. In this process, some of the gums and bone tissue around the teeth are removed, and as a result, when the healing is completed, teeth long enough to provide sufficient support to the prosthesis are obtained.

Botox application: A gummy smile is when the gums become excessively visible due to the movement of the muscles. When this situation is determined, the person should definitely see the dentist. If the dentist deems it appropriate, this application aims at relaxing the two groups of muscles around the mouth in a very gentle way. Approximately two small injections are made in the midpoint between the nose and the lip, and after 15 days, it is seen that the upper lip is not pulled up as much as before, or even thickened.