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Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment go through several different stages from the beginning to the end of the treatment.

First Inspection

The most important step in orthodontic treatments is the first examination. At this stage, the doctor examines the patient’s dental structure and condition in detail. Although the problem experienced by the two patients seems the same, their treatments can be quite different. The duration of the treatment and the method to be applied are determined individually for each patient.


The diagnosis stage is the process of determining the treatment methods and types to be applied, considering the patient’s condition. Considering the measurements, imaging and modeling made during the first examination, the necessary applications are determined for the patient to reach the ideal tooth structure. Among the different types of treatments, the most suitable for the patient is selected.


At this stage, before starting orthodontic treatment, other treatments that should be applied are determined and applied. It is important to complete procedures such as filling, gum treatments and cleaning before orthodontics.

Active Treatment

The active treatment period begins with the application of the orthodontic treatment that the patient will receive. The process that starts with the insertion of braces or transparent plaques continues until they are removed with the approval of the specialist doctor. During this period, examination is performed at a frequency (4-6 weeks) determined by the doctor and various arrangements can be made.

Reinforcement Therapy (Post-Treatment Applications)

Reinforcement therapy covers applications after active treatment is terminated. When orthodontic treatment is completed, your teeth can move to return to their old positions, reinforcement treatments prevent this situation and allow you to protect your healthy tooth structure.