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In newborns, it is expected that the anterior group lower and upper incisors will erupt within 6-9 months, and all deciduous dentition will be completed until the age of 2.5-3. Depending on the growth and development of children, their sex and hormonal activities, early or late emergence of teeth may appear.

Dental care becomes important since the first tooth is seen in the mouth. Sugar content of breast milk, which is very important for the health, growth and development of the baby, increases the risk of tooth decay, especially if breastmilk is given at bedtime for children to sleep comfortably. The number of tooth decays in our country is increasing at a very early age with the decrease of saliva that protects the teeth during sleep and the inclusion of sugar in breast milk.

The effect of breast milk decreases after 6 months and according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is of the opinion that 1 year breastfeeding will be sufficient, although 2 years of breastfeeding does not have much effect on the child. It is recommended to use breast milk for 1 year in children who are breastfed for a long time, in order to develop bad habits such as thumb sucking and threaten oral health at later ages. The important issue here is to avoid night breastfeeding after the first year in children who continue breastfeeding for 1 or 2 years, and cleaning the teeth without toothpaste with the help of cheesecloth, gauze and / or finger brush after breastfeeding. It is recommended to switch to children’s toothbrushes from the age of 2 with the support of parents.

The use of a bottle after breast milk and the addition of sugar, honey, chocolate powder to make children love milk also poses a great risk of tooth decay formation. After every food taken, the teeth must be cleaned, if you are not suitable, they should be rinsed with water. Caries is like a contagious disease, so it is important that mothers and fathers do not feed their children with their spoons and forks, so that the bacteria in the mouth of the mother and father do not enter the children’s mouth.

Foods taken at snacks are of great importance for preschool and new school children. Sugary snacks and innocent fruit juices, crackers and chips cannot be removed from the mouth for a long time, and they reduce the acid value in the mouth and create a very favorable environment for decays. Therefore, if possible, if it is not taken at all, certain days of the week should be chosen and only snack foods should be given to children on those days and then a good tooth brushing is definitely required.