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Teething Period

Teeth start to erupt within 6 months after birth. 20 teeth, as 10 teeth in the upper jaw and lower jaw, take their places in the mouth until the end of the 30th month.

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Root Canal Treatment for Deciduous Teeth

Root canal treatment for children is a very sensitive issue. Deciduous teeth, contrary to what is known, are rooted teeth like permanent teeth, but when the tooth coming from below melts the roots of the deciduous teeth, the deciduous teeth fall off spontaneously when the time comes. It is very important for us that deciduous teeth remain in the mouth during this process.

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Trauma (Fall / Crash)

We can call the loss of deciduous teeth earlier than the expected time to change, as a result of a blow, as trauma. In such cases, where the accident happened (park, house, etc.), the broken part of the tooth or the dislodgement of the whole tooth, and the time when the family came to the dentist are very important.

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