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Composite Fill (White Fill)

They are tooth-colored fillings, also known as white fillings among the people. They are made of composite resin-based material. When they are in a pasty consistency, they are placed on the teeth and brought to a hard consistency with halogen or LED light sources. They chemically bond to the tooth. It is difficult to distinguish the presence of a well-made composite filling.

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Tooth Decay Formation

Dental caries is the most common and common ailment after a cold. There are bacteria in the normal flora of the mouth. Bacteria convert all nutrients (sugar and starch) into acids. Bacteria, acid, food residues and saliva combine to form a plaque that clings to the tooth.

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Amalgam Filling

Amalgam fillings are also defined as silver fillings. Amalgam; It is obtained by mixing silver, tin and copper alloy with mercury. Mercury creates a durable filling material by binding metals together.

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