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Tooth Collision Problems

Although tooth crowding depends on genetic factors from the family, it also occurs as a result of early or late decline of milk teeth. In addition, the continuation of some bad habits (bottle sucking, finger sucking) of children may also cause dental deformities in the anterior tooth area.

Collisions in the Anterior Tooth Area

As a result of the teeth staying in the mouth longer than the time they should come out, a picture such as the overlapping of the teeth may occur. They are a guide for permanent teeth that will replace milk teeth, and while the permanent tooth comes to its place, the root of the milk tooth melts, the tooth starts to shake and falls, it should be intervened by the dentist in cases where it does not fall.

Tooth Growth Over Tooth

It is possible to widen the narrow jaws between the ages of 8 – 10 in cases of narrow jaws and early closing problems. The purpose of this treatment is to ensure that the child’s space restriction, that is, the crowded appearance in the teeth, is completely removed at an early age or to facilitate the process of the braces treatment that can be seen at an advanced age.