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If the bruises in the enamel are not treated, they pass into the dentin layer under the enamel layer. Although the dentin layer stimulates us with pain, if the bruise is not treated again, this time microorganisms move towards the pulp. Meanwhile, pulp activates various pathways to protect itself. One of these ways is to stimulate us through pain. Another way in which inflammation occurs in the pulp is trauma. A blow to the tooth can cause the veins and nerves entering the root of the tooth to break from the root tip, thus causing the tooth to lose its vitality. Addition of microorganisms by any means causes inflammation of the pulp. How to know that a tooth is infected?

Inflammation and the onset of inflammation can be mentioned in the pain caused by cold and hot foods and drinks in the tooth. Again, excessive color changes in the teeth can be perceived as a sign of inflammation. Apart from these, in the teeth where the decay reaches the pulp but not treated, the infection reaches the jawbone from the root tip and may cause small or large swelling on the face. The use of antibiotics in addition to the procedures performed by the dentist in fighting infection is also appropriate. General blood is that the tooth that creates a swollen face should be removed after the swelling goes down. However, this is a very old thought. Even teeth that cause such major infections can be kept in the mouth by root canal treatment, and this tooth can be kept in the mouth just like a healthy tooth in the mouth.