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Receding gums; Gingival diseases occur as a result of some non-functional habits such as applying wrong tooth brushing techniques, grinding teeth, biting hard objects. If not treated, it may cause tooth decay.

It is a condition that occurs with the displacement of the gum towards the root surface. It can affect individuals of all age groups. It can be seen in the case of gum disease, as well as in healthy gums due to excessive forces.

In diseases that affect all tissues surrounding the tooth, such as periodontitis, the gum can be removed by the melting of the bone surrounding the tooth root.

Gingival recession can also be seen in cases such as using a hard toothbrush, brushing traumatic teeth, applying excessive forces during orthodontic treatment, unfinished prosthesis and dental fillings with suitable edges, and clenching teeth.

Receding gums may not always be treated.

In cases where treatment is required, gingival tissue taken from a suitable area in the mouth is placed in the recession area and closed. (Gingival grafts) It can also be surgically performed using ready-made materials that can turn into gum tissue. Receding gums can cause tooth sensitivity. Desensitizing treatments can also be applied here without interfering with withdrawal.

Surgical procedures for gingival recession are performed under local anesthesia. Recovery is mostly completed in 1 week after the operation. The main results are usually seen after 4 weeks.