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Gum growth can occur for many reasons and can be observed at any age. After the factors that cause growth are determined and controlled, treatment management is determined. Hormonal changes, drug use, systematic diseases, poor oral hygiene, improperly made prostheses and fillings, mouth breathing, traumas can cause gum enlargement.

It is important to maintain good oral hygiene for treatment. After the gum health is established, excess tissues that need to be corrected are surgically removed.

What are the causes of gingival enlargement ?

There can be many different causes of gum growth. The first of these is gum disease. In gum diseases, swelling and reddening of the gum can be seen.

Especially in young people, due to the deterioration of the hormonal balance, growths in the gums can be seen in certain periods of growth and development due to hormonal balances in the body. This is not a disease.

However, the drugs used in some patients cause gingival growth (especially the drugs used in epilepsy, epilepsy, the drugs used in the treatment of some types of cancer, and the drugs used in the treatment of some types of cancer can cause gingival growth.

During pregnancy, pregnancy tumor can cause gums to grow. (It is an abnormal gum growth involving a single tooth as well as several gums)

Gum growth can be seen in people with diabetes.

Apart from these, situations such as not eating a balanced diet, inability to maintain oral hygiene, mouth breathing, food accumulation between the gums, bad restorations also cause growth in the gums.

What are the symptoms of gum growth?

There may be many symptoms of gum growth in patients. In a normal healthy individual, the gums are orange peel (light pink) in color, there are redness in the gums in the sick individuals, however, swelling in the gums, opening, if the growth has progressed, the formation of tartar around the gums, the tendency to bleed in the gums, abscesses and infections around the gums. available. Especially in patients with severe gingival enlargement, exudate is seen in the gum contours.

What are the treatment methods for gum growth?

Patients with gum enlargement should consult a physician to find out the reason for the growth. The physician applies the necessary treatment method after investigating the cause of the growth and making a diagnosis.

Generally, the patient is taught the method of brushing teeth regularly and is told to brush regularly, besides, dental floss is recommended for the patient to use. After these procedures, if the gum growth continues in the patient, the growing part of the gum is cut and the necessary treatment is provided.