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After detecting the presence of impacted teeth in orthodontic treatments, three-dimensional imaging methods can be used to precisely determine the position of these teeth.

If your orthodontist decides that the impacted tooth can be restored to your knee and you accept the treatment that may take a little longer than this routine, you will have the chance to use your natural tooth.

In some cases, the position of the impacted tooth may make it very difficult or impossible to bring that tooth to the tooth row. In these cases, the impacted tooth can be extracted, or if extraction will be difficult or unfavorable, it may be left in that position. In this case, since this tooth will be missing in the tooth row, its location can be compensated with an implant or prosthesis.

The most frequently impacted teeth in the mouth are 20-year-old teeth, upper canines, lower 2nd premolars, and lower canines, respectively.

If the position of the wisdom teeth is impacted, the solution is usually surgical extraction. Your dentist will guide you to extract these teeth. The extraction of wisdom teeth is not a great loss in terms of aesthetics and function. However, if the teeth diagnosed as impacted are upper canines or lower 2nd premolars, the situation changes.

Upper canines are among the most important teeth in the mouth. That is, its root is longer than other teeth and it is widely used in bridge construction in case of missing teeth in the future. At the same time, canine teeth are aesthetically important because the upper canines complement your smile and form the corner of the tooth row.

Since it is located in the corner and the root is long, it makes a slight protrusion on the upper jaw bone, in its deficiency, this bone area is flattened. Especially in the absence of one-sided upper canine teeth, the unilateral flatness caused by the lack of one of the corners of the tooth row draws attention to the smile and causes an asymmetrical situation and this disturbs the eye.