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Prosthetic dental treatment, ie prosthetic tooth application, is applied to eliminate the disorders that occur in the shapes, structures, colors and positions of the teeth and the situations that cause aesthetic problems. The loss of material in the tooth due to an advanced decay that weakens the tooth or a blow to the tooth may not be treated with filling. Developmental failure of the tooth or the extraction of the tooth due to medical reasons creates toothless cavities in the mouth. These empty spaces, besides aesthetic disorders,

Speech disorder (inability to say letters correctly)

Psychological problems (shyness, loss of self-confidence, try not to laugh)

Further deterioration of oral health (change of position of teeth, wear, decay etc.)

Pain, voice and movement disorder in the jaw joint (Temporo-mandibular joint disease)

It also causes general health problems (stomach diseases and nutritional deficiency caused by the inadequate grinding function of food). Prosthetic dental treatment is a branch of dentistry that responds to the aesthetic and functional needs of the person, the search for treatment and rehabilitation, and includes art as well as health. Dental prostheses can be classified mainly as fixed prostheses, removable prostheses, and implant prostheses.