Fener Mah. Bulent Ecevit Blv. No:72 Muratpasa/ANTALYA
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8 thoughts on “Comments

  1. JAMES OREILLY says:

    when can i return to get my treatment finished i have heard nothing from no one since my last treatment on 12 december 2020 thanks jimmy

  2. Brian Johnson says:

    I have never experienced such professional and friendly service anywhere! Over the years I have had many problems with my teeth. The care I received here at Orion has made me happy and very excited to have such a beautiful smile again.

  3. Jane Miller says:

    Consultations at the clinic were excellent. We are very pleased with the clinic and the doctors, as well as the managers who worked with us there.

  4. Anthony Cosworth says:

    I have been fully satisfied from the beginning till the end. i registered my name on the website and on the same day i had a phone call from the hospital. They invited me immediately and the doctor spoke to describe the disease. And now i am in the medical center to get the treatment. My doctor is professional and all staff is friendly.

  5. Lisa Davidson says:

    Absolutely love my doctor (I’m not sure how to spell her name) and the whole team! They are so helpful and professional. I can tell they really care for their patients, unlike some other hospitals. The team actually walks you to your destination and waits for your appointment to be over. I go 2x’s a month and they do this every time. I highly recommend them.

  6. Evelyn Roberts says:

    The doctors were very nice and caring. The hygienist was gentle – did a great job and gave me great tips on preventing gym disease. I will keep this hospital in my mind for the future cases.

  7. Kathleen Miscoviche says:

    I had my teeth done last year and I am satisfied with professional service. The clinic is one of the biggest clinic I have seen in ANTALYA, very clean and well sanitized. I highly recommend

  8. Mark Anderson says:

    Hi, I am from Leeds UK. I had the best experience during my treatment. All the team are professional and customer oriented. The clinic itself is one of a kind with regards to it’s sanitation and cleanliness. I highly recommend Orion dental clinic for your treatment.

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