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  • Finger and false breast sucking
  • Tongue thrust and false swallowing
  • Lip sucking and lip biting
  • Nail biting and eating
  • Mouth breathing
  • It is possible to get rid of habits such as clenching teeth with the help of various tools.

Coloration in Milk Teeth

Although it depends on the use of baby bottles and the formation of caries as a result of sugar consumption, it may occur after falling cases.

In some cases, there may be black stains close to the black gum area due to the high number of some oral bacteria independent of caries. Coloring that continues until adolescence can be removed by polishing.

Why Does Coloration Occur in Milk Teeth?

Permanent teeth are formed between the ages of 1-4. During this time, various staining may occur on the tooth. Or the use of iron medication may cause the teeth to be colored in the child.