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Orthodontics (braces) treatment is a science in which all disorders related to jaw, mouth and tooth structure of individuals of all ages are evaluated together. It covers all of the interventions made to give a smooth and healthy mouth and tooth structure.

Whether you need orthodontic treatment is determined by orthodontists who are experts in this field.

Your orthodontic treatment needs can be determined by your detailed oral and dental examination, jaw condition, taking some special x-rays (panoramic and cefolometric x-rays, etc.) and special photography methods.

In other words, orthodontic treatment can be applied to anyone whose teeth and bones that hold the teeth are healthy.

Many adults who have not received orthodontic treatment in their childhood can now benefit from this service at any age they want. Thanks to advanced technology, small, transparent and almost invisible brackets can be used and optionally brackets can be attached to the back surfaces of the teeth. In addition, thanks to advanced surgical methods, even the problems in the face and jaw bones of adults can be solved today.