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Covering the teeth with crown material is the process of covering the teeth with tooth-shaped materials in order to protect teeth that have lost excessive material due to various reasons. This process does not damage the tooth, on the contrary, it extends the life of the tooth.


Crowns are made for loss of matter and aesthetic problems concerning a single tooth. On the model, which is measured from the tooth and sent to the technician, the technician first prepares the metal substructure that will provide durability, and then the porcelain (or less preferred acrylic) superstructure that will provide aesthetics on it.

Which teeth are crowns made of? (porcelain crowns)

  • Caries or other reasons, excessive loss of substance,
  • Discolored and irreversible teeth,
  • Deformed teeth,
  • Weak root canal treatment teeth (to prevent teeth from breaking),
  • On the implant

What Are The Types Of Crowns?

Laminate Crown

In the front teeth, color changes, position, structure and deformities or existing gaps between teeth cause aesthetic problems. Laminate Crown is a prosthetic approach applied only on the front surface of the tooth, within the borders of enamel, by applying a very little preparation. Thanks to the development of filling technology and adhesive mechanisms in recent years, laminate applications are also made with filling materials. In cases of tooth grinding, deep bite, insufficient crown length and enamel thickness, the traditional crown approach should be returned.

Full Porcelain Crown

The opaque reflection disadvantage of metal from the bottom of the anterior teeth has brought forward the Full Porcelain Crown applications, which are made entirely of porcelain, where metal support is not used thanks to the developing technology.

Telescope Crown

When there are excessively curved, crooked and elongated teeth that will create incompatibility with the part to be prosthetic, instead of losing these teeth, the lengths of these teeth can be shortened and telescope crowns or precision retainers can be applied on them.