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Unhealthy gums: In a normal healthy individual, the gums should be light pink (orange peel color). When the individual does not pay attention to gum health, when oral hygiene is not good, inflammation, growth, and bleeding can be seen in the gums. Such situations significantly affect the aesthetics of the person. If the individual cannot handle this, they should see a dentist. After the dentist makes the diagnosis, he applies the necessary treatment, so that the person regains his old aesthetic gums.

Smile with gums (Gummy smile): When we laugh, the gums look too much is often called a gum smile or a gummy smile. The reason for this is that the gums are too much on the teeth, such situations can be eliminated by arranging the gums with minor interventions on the gums. However, if it is caused by situations such as the vertical development of the upper jaw bone or the lip muscles being too strong, the lip being short, then different interventions are required and only the procedures to be performed on the gums do not save the situation. In this case, it is necessary to prevent the lip from being pulled up at the moment of laughing.

Gingival recession: It is one of the most common ailments among gum disease. Gingival recessions can occur for two reasons. Either it may occur as a result of the spread of gingivitis, which we call periodontitis, to deeper tissues, namely the bone and root surface, or it may be due to excessive brushing and improper brushing. However, parafunctional habits can also occur as a result of habits such as teeth grinding or pencil biting. Complaints conveyed by the patient as a result of gingival recession, tooth sensitivity and aesthetic problems, their treatment, if there is tooth sensitivity, chemical agents to treat; The sensitivity of the root surface can be passed with toothpastes or chemicals we have in the clinic. Aesthetic problems, on the other hand, can be solved by surgical procedures if they are not very common.

Gum pigmentation: Pigmentation is called spots on the gums. These may depend on the skin color, dark people have more pigmentation. In addition, there is a lot of pigmentation in smokers. These can be removed in several ways; Pigmentation by laser, pigmentation by freezing method or pigmentation by spraying method can be performed.

Irregular gum edges: Some individuals have irregular gum edges that may cause aesthetic problems. In such cases, the gum margins surrounding the teeth may be too high or cover the crown of the tooth too much. In such cases, the necessary treatments are applied to give the patient aesthetics.